The news

Page 4, “US drops bid to force Apple to unlock iPhone”. Small print on the margin two short paragraphs.  Ha ha! I remember bold print covering the front page. Oh well.
Beside that is an article about how the Democrats in Virginia are dealing with voter fraud.  Apparently it is so rampant there they are just going to make it legal.  200,000 criminals given the right to vote by democrat governor McAuliffe. Guess who is handing out registration forms.  I’d laugh but too many people will laugh with me because they don’t believe voter fraud exists. They too are mostly democrats.
I see that if Obama signs us onto this Paris agreement on climate change before he leaves office, we’re stuck with it for at least four  years. That sucks. For more years of stupid useless spending should do the treasury a world of good, won’t it?  Can’t stop climate change folks. ..not ever.
The republican party still think they can control the nomination process.  His new team think they can control Trump.  This is shaping up to be a hell of a summer. I wonder who will be the last man standing?
Apparently some are so incensed with the way the political choices are sorting out they’ve gone and joined a far right movement, the American Independent Party, thinking it really was a typical middle of the road independent movement.  Stupid is.
Justin Bieber continues to be a shitty pants little boy. One of his friends needs to kick his ass, as a favor.
Nope.  Still nothing to see here.

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