Letters to the editor

I am introducing a new heading for my writing.  “Letters to the editor” will be entries I’ve sent to the local newspaper’s “reader’s forum” for publishing.  These are mostly political in nature but at times I just dabble in human nature. Sometimes I touch on both in one piece, these are my personal favorites. The following is in response to another letter to the editor and is absolutely and politically personal. Ha!  The author claimed to be an ex Republican. His charge was that we neanderthals are voting for Trump because he’s just as much a Neanderthal as we are. So we should stop making excuses about how terrible Trump’s competition is and just admit it. A more obvious Clinton apologist I’ve yet to read, and never have I let one slip past unmolested. IMO: there is no excuse for Clinton (either one) and less so for their supporters.

This probably more than anything defines my angst with America.  Is there anyone more deserving of our rejection than the Clintons are? And yet we may actually put the criminally negligent heartless bitch in the WH. This piece I am replying to is ample proof that we are doomed as far as I’m concerned. Idiots abound…

From an ex-GOPer I’m told once again “what difference does it make” in regards to abandoning four US citizens to be slaughtered in Benghazi. Can you be innocent of doing nothing to save your own countrymen?  Is that possible when you sent them into harm’s way?  I’m also told that since they can’t find anything damning yet on Hillary’s server (wasn’t that erased?), that I should think, i guess,  that, a) we should leave the poor dear alone and b) forget that she was using her personal server for state’s business. Ahem!

The subject then turned to slick Willy. That’s when I knew we had an imposter in our midst.

If Mr. Wright is going to tell us to stop making excuses for our vote, shouldn’t he stop claiming to be anything more than a Clinton apologist.

Regardless, if you do vote for Trump, I know it’s because unlike the Clintons and their minions, Trump is owned by no one, and that’s the only thing we know.

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