Nothing to see here.

It seems as though if anything needs changing, even loud vociferous complaints from we the people has no real weight. We drift along screaming for action from our supposed leaders when in reality they are as lost as we are. How can a country that is split down the middle, intentionally driven father apart by the day, ever survive?  With no clear mandate our leader is left with dragging government along by the force of his pen, instead of by, for and of the people; not in an attempt to mollify both sides but with one-sided malice enough so that half of us are always outraged.

Someone is outraged at someone else’s behavior. Another is moving if a certain bombast is elected. A  presidential candidate claiming to be “for the little guy” just accepted $675,000.00 for three ho-hum speeches mostly filled with baloney that had nothing to do with the little guy. Another has scored huge points with the silent majority by unloading insults on anything and anyone standing in his way. Shouldn’t we see this as a sign? That our growing corruption from within has to stop; that we are so fed up with the lying BS from DC that we are willing to flush the whole bunch for a new crew?

Our military have spent the better part of a century fighting communism, socialism and any other form of tyranny across the globe in the name of freedom. Now there are a fair number of mush brained, “gimme the free stuff” idiots ready to elect one. “Why can’t we beat some sense into these dopes before they destroy us?”, I ask.

We’re told to “read a book”, “join the 21st century”, “stop being such a Neanderthal”, when what we see is the slow agonizing death of our once great society into another socialist cesspool where no one ends up with anything… except of course those wonderful leaders we elected to bring us to this glorious utopia. They will have everything and that’s what they want us to accept because they are so much more capable of ownership than we are and they will lift us into a higher plane of existence, don’t you know? Like good little minions we are rolling right along to their tune, giving our legacy of liberty away bit by bit.
If they get their way, we’ll be unarmed just in time for this “elevation” to occur.

A rancher tries to stand up to reclaim our rights to this land. The Feds gun him down because they can. The sheeplike masses wonder at the man’s bravado. What was he thinking? 50 years ago there would have been several millions of angry citizens up the Fed’s ass for such actions. Today we turn the page real quick to see if Miley Cyrus has done something cute.

A  veteran has to continue fighting and sometimes die just to be heard. Then maybe he or she might get the help they need before they become one of the 22 a day. LGBT folks get more ink and acceptance, even to share a bathroom with minor children. Yay for us! We are willing to allow the possibility of some sick freak to share what should be private space with the unprotected innocents, but God forbid we do something good for a Vet.

Every instance of gun violence is blamed on the gun. Were told to believe that whistles and gun free zones will pave the way to safety for all. Then in the most fully gun free zones on earth, bad guys use guns to enslave their neighborhoods while the anti-gun morons claim victory further driving the masses into the bad guys pocket, who by the way STILL HAVE THEIR FUCKING GUNS. Our leaders have many dozens of guns protecting them wherever they go. I wonder if the Obama’s or Clinton’s will be opening their doors to Muslim refugees or having their grandkids share a bathroom with the LGBT folks?

Our young are taught to seek out safe spaces rather than confront a wrong. Fold don’t stand.  Break don’t bend. Do so willingly and everything will be okay. GAG, PUKE, VOMIT and flush.  That’s what that thought process means to me. Anyone who is in line with that defeatist mentality has NO place in MY America. Please leave with the other idiot sissies when you’re socialist candidate finality gets flushed by the Killary machine or if we get Trumped. Either way, take your cancerous ideals and get lost, thank you very much. I hear that Europe is looking for as many patsies as possible to come and spare their citizens the abuse of being serial targets for the millions of poor dear male Muslim refugees our president has opened his arms to.

Our allies are trashed, our enemies are emboldened. The Soviets are the new free world leaders, while our team takes it in the rear every time they open their mouths. And that’s because everyone knows our leader is a paper tiger who is scared to death of Vlad the presidential impaler. Far worse than that, HIS RIGHT HAND MAN IS A TRAITOR, which is only slightly better than the do nothing ditz who served before him and now wants to do nothing in the White House too.

If there was something to see here in the good old US of A, it’s gone now.  An empty WH, a walking dead traitor at defense, a Pentagon more  concerned with  appearances than capability, two houses of government with NO credibility to go with no budget or plan for a way out… and we pay them millions for this, for the rest of their lives. The choices for the next cabal of leaders is perhaps more bleak than the present set; a bombast, an evangelical, a criminal or a socialist.

Howard Stern says, ” I have vowed, I will never vote for a Democrat again. No matter who they are. I don’t care if God becomes a Democrat. These Democrats are communists. This is communism. This is gangsterism. This is crazy.”  That I agree with him says all that needs to be said. I can’t stand Howard Stern. That I can’t stand the Republican party either is agonizing.

Nope, there’s nothing to see here. Nothing worth seeing that is.

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