My pen… Then ’til now

When I began to care again I was amazed that our nation had come through the years after my return from Nam with little harm done to it. I saw that there were still folks willing to serve her and faithful patriots to support them. I found a source of inspiration other than the deeply ingrained fears I’d brought home with me and the anger resulting from my homecoming. This was a few years after my first visit to the Wall in ’89.

They served

they served with honor
they served with devotion
in jungles and deserts
across the oceans
they didn’t hesitate
they didn’t protest
they gave of themselves
they are our best
sons and daughters
soldiers and wives
what breed is this
who spend their lives
for one such as me
so I can be free?

The 4th

We danced in the streets
and sent fire into the sky
the people cried with joy
it brought tears to my eye
my home, my America
still free, still proud
celebrating freedom
our anthem sung aloud
children clung to parents
parents to each other
we shared our independence
gave hope to one another
our loyalty is steadfast
our grace defies all wrongs
we are our father’s hope
our mother’s loving song
America the beautiful
be strong, be great, be true
remember how we freely bled
for our red, our white and our blue

One more day

One more day, another mile
Another child, a broken smile
Mortars, RPGs, IEDs
Evian, sunscreen, MREs
Sandbags, Humvees, Bradleys and Apaches
Letters from home, insurgents attacking
Brothers-and sisters-in-arms together
Brothers and sisters they’ve lost forever
That is the life-beat of our kids in harm’s way
They are the reason I continue to say…
I pledge allegiance…

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