In the news

Remember that old saw,  “repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth”? I saw it in action today.  Suddenly the Israelis are the bad guys. How do thinking people buy into this garbage? So, here is another staunch ally we are pissing on. It’s no wonder we the people are getting confused. One after another our fearless leader has rubbed our friends the wrong way. This week it was the UK. Hinting that we might not be such good trading partners if the UK were to drop out of the failing EU, president Obama once again slapped an ally in the face. I wonder if any of our friends are good enough for this man? It’s as if he wants the conspiracy nuts to run wild. I know I have suspicions about motives myself.  Must he feed them? Bad enough we have a Kenyan from Indonesia with a semi birth certificate from Hawaii but even if this guy is an extraterrestrial president, he has to see the problem with insulting the UK? Doesn’t he?


In their effort to be “fair”, I guess,  the media,  including my own favorite mostly liberal newspaper, The East Bay Times,  has taken to explaining the Donald’s attraction (as if they possibly could), using terms like intolerant, sexist, bullying and ungracious even. None of them get it. His appeal has nothing to do with any of that or he’d already be gone from this race. His appeal lies in who owns him. No one does.  Amen.  End of story.  Put it to bed.

That they would insist he can’t beat Killary but an ineffectual and unliked Cruz and/or Kasich can,  shows how out of touch they still are. We should get behind a winner folks or subject America to 3 or 4 left of liberal new Supremes over the next 8 years. Shaping the conversion of the USA to a socialist state for eternity or until we eat each other. Make no mistake. Killary will burn this place to the ground taking our guns away.  What lies ahead for us is mostly known as sheep-hood.

Think you have any skin in the game yet? VOTE, for Pete’s sake. Vote smart.  Not black, not white, not female but smart.


Today anarchists are preventing the rightful discourse of liberty. Mobs of mommas boys are attacking families in their cars. Preventing patriots from attending a Trump rally. Where are the shock troops? Oh wait, that’s only if Trump supporters were breaking the law. I forgot.  If anyone gets hurt how much do you want to bet that the bloodthirsty media will blame Trump? Stir the shit a little more. Get more people hurt while they gloat over the ratings that night. They wont even care that someone got hurt. It’ll be about Trump. My God what happened here? Where is it still America?  I find myself hoping they attack me when I go to a Trump rally.  I may need to do some grill work afterwards.

Oh hell, I’m done for today. This is depressing. I’m going to eat some cake.


In the news

The LA Times wants us to know that they have our back when it comes to Trumpisms. Yesterday the Donald claimed that illegals were streaming over the border in record numbers right now. To set the record straight the folks at the Times have this to say.  “Multiple studies show rates of illegal immigration are declining. Federal stats show the lowest # of border apprehensions in years.”


Studies and stats,  yes,  that’s the ticket. But,  who’s studying what?  I don’t know.  The Times didn’t tell me,  so I guess I just have to believe that is the truth, right?  And, oh by the way,  which federal stats are we talking about and how were they collected? And if you have all this data,  how is it we still have an illegal alien problem? Is the IRS in charge?


If the Donald exaggerates about it, can’t we still see the problems we have at our borders? Yes, we can.  By the way, exaggeration is rooted in the truth. So perhaps they aren’t just pouring over the border. Tell me though, how do you know? Does anyone deny the problem exists? No. How do they know? BINGO!

From the food department: McDonald’s  is trying a new nugget recipe without using. ..wait for it. ..MOST artificial substances. Did I really need or want to know that? More importantly,  will it still taste like chicken?


This one is a real doozy:

Yale opinion takers (is that a tax paid position? It does sound like one of those mindless drone type functionary positions you would expect in a bloated bureaucracy, doesn’t it?)…anyway, some Yalites claim that we republicans have finally seen the light and are beginning to accept climate change as a real thing.  Honest to God,  the stupid bastards could screw up a Sunday picnic.  Who’s the college kid here?

Pay attention so that we all might get it right this time.  That phenomenon erroneously penned “global warming” is called climate change.  We Luddites are smarter than most think. We knew this all along and repeatedly have said so.  The enlightened finally got tired of pissing in their shoes and decided to try to mollify us by using the term “climate change” to champion their cause while never taking their eye off the global warming cash cow they invented.  We Luddites are still smarter than they think and still don’t buy the bullshit. We also have repeatedly said that we can’t stop climate change.  Mother will have her way no matter what we do.  Our efforts would be better spent preparing for what’s coming. We could be working on Habitat, desalination (or does that make TOO much sense with the rising seas? ), getting to know our neighbors to the warmer south. Yes we can be better stewards of our planet and should. No, we cannot prevent climate change…not with all the liberal platitudes and save the planet from climate change efforts the EPA and their groupies can ever scream at you to pay for.

I wonder what spin they’ll use when they accept the rest of the truth?  How will they claim that as their own?  Will they tell us how they actually ended up spending all those billions we give them to stop climate change or will we hear something like, “OH SHIT, IT DIDN’T WORK, MAN. WE BETTER HURRY UP AND MOVE SOUTH. WE’RE GOING DOWN NOW TO SCOUT THE WAY FOR THE REST OF YOU. SEE YOU THERE. BUH BYE.”

Ho hum.

Back to us Luddites. ..we also are thought to be mean-spirited in regards to Transgender folk using facilities they feel more comfortable with.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with keeping the 750,000 or so registered sex offenders away from children or the defenseless.  No,  of course not.  We’re Luddites and are incapable of compassion.


From the rights for all, no matter what category except veterans of course: What the hell?   They have TV, movies, books, appliances. To some degree they are better off than the poor. So,  why not give them the vote too.  Criminals, the new oppressed and favored minority of the left.  If this didn’t openly and without a doubt benefit queen Killary, giving criminals in Virginia the right to vote while surely registering these new voters to the (Democrat) party that “saved” them; this would have struck me as an absurdity that could never stand here in these United States of America. Where Killary is concerned however, all bets are off. This creature is a water walker. None may interfere. I wait with bated breath for the “undocumented voter ballot” to be released. After all, who’s representing those poor dears, right?

On another note, with the unprecedented addition of 200,000 criminal Democrat votes clearly intended to aid Killary against Trump in what will be a tightly contested state in the presidential elections, and since 126,000 votes were suppressed in Brooklyn, an area heavily favoring Sanders, does that add any credence to the limitless claims of voter fraud? Just wondering…

22 veterans a day take their own lives because no one has their six.  The party of the enlightened has nothing for those folks. Those votes have no value. Not that the other side of the aisle has done much for us either. Yes by all means, bring in and completely support every need of 100,000 refugees. Let’s make sure we endanger our children for the sake of inclusion. While we’re at it let’s be sure our criminals feel involved. Fuck those inconsequential few veterans though. Let them eat cake…and die.



Treachery if not treason…

The horrific scene seems never to leave my mind. If I find myself reading about troops on foreign soil or a diplomatic mission in trouble, the wreck of ambassador Stevens’ body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi fills my mind’s eye and feeds the bitterness I feel towards those responsible. But those responsible apparently will never be held so. It’s like a nightmare movie that has paid for its own replays as if to rub it in. During the credits I see a host of laughing jackals, daring between chuckles that we “catch them if we can”.

I’m incensed by this. I can’t understand why the people who were on the ground are ignored (selectively) in favor of the hearsay and anecdotal testimony and the obvious lies (it was a video…) of those who stand to lose the most should the “wrong” truth find its way to the limelight. The favored, most believable view of events came from 10,000 mile away? It never occurred to anyone that because it was an election year that there might be a NEED to hide the truth in order to save the election? Am I the only one to see the obvious?

Why believe everything the troops on the ground say except that they were ordered to stand down? Why only that one thing? Why would we believe the best of us had any reason to lie about that but tell the truth about everything else, while proven liars say otherwise? The deck is stacked. That’s why. We the people have grown lazy and this stupid.

I don’t believe the administration or their talking heads about much of anything to begin with. When it comes to them protecting themselves, the gloves are off. I believe they will do anything and have done.

I can only hope that those of us who are not fooled will not give up. If the president and former secretary of state are ever to be held accountable, we cannot ever accept their “story” and leave our true heroes publicly denied. The fact is they could all have been saved. They were denied life by a weak, completely out of her league, SEC STATE and an even more inept POTUS. WHO BOTH THEN LIED TO SAVE AN ELECTION. We should be shamed. Instead we face the humiliating embarrassment of electing one of these ethically void folks to the highest office…AGAIN. I cringe at the thought. The rest of the world laughs and loses more respect for us every day this charade called leadership goes on.

As a veteran I find this a most bitter pill to swallow. To any who serve this nation, the actions of this administration has to be anathema. To us, the most sacred trust we put in our government is that they have our six. This admin has had only their own six covered and there’s more to come I’m sure. The longer this president stands the longer we stand to lose our best and brightest to ineptituode or just plain indiference.

This is, in my mind, the gravest of all failures for this admin. Their efforts to cover that over with a storied ending to this regime’s epic anti-American thrust must the be the final fail. We cannot go quietly into the night on this one. If not outright treason, treachery is certainly not the least of this administration’s true colors.

BENGHAZI… do not let it rest. Justice must be served regardless the battered look we’ll have after the mighty fall. We’ll be so much better off for it and if the good lord is willing, it’ll be a long time before the next group of fakes, liars, sellouts and criminals take the white house.

God save us please.

My pen… then’til now

Two sights

Staring at the window
breath bouncing back
An image cold and hollow
Shattered by a crack
“The image is a dream?”
My reflection asks
“It is what it seems,
Only you see a mask.”
Two sides are living
In one unholy trust
One side unforgiving
Life the other’s lust
Fate fumbles and time twists
Love humbles when the need exists
Heads tumble with the flick of a wrist
Heaven rumbles absorbed by the mist
All this I see from within and without
Through the window’s two endings
Where there’s clearly a doubt
As to which god I’m sending
My plea
“Which of these is me?”

My pen. ..then ’til now

Rainy dreams

Rain on my awning
Visions are spawning
There runs the light
Crowded by night
So never to dare
Make passage clear
Through crippling fear
Of what seethes ever near
In my waking dreams
Where evil seems
To reach my heart
Before i start 
To open my eyes
Or realize
That night had passed
And light came fast
That morning is dawning
With rain on my awning.

The news

Page 4, “US drops bid to force Apple to unlock iPhone”. Small print on the margin two short paragraphs.  Ha ha! I remember bold print covering the front page. Oh well.
Beside that is an article about how the Democrats in Virginia are dealing with voter fraud.  Apparently it is so rampant there they are just going to make it legal.  200,000 criminals given the right to vote by democrat governor McAuliffe. Guess who is handing out registration forms.  I’d laugh but too many people will laugh with me because they don’t believe voter fraud exists. They too are mostly democrats.
I see that if Obama signs us onto this Paris agreement on climate change before he leaves office, we’re stuck with it for at least four  years. That sucks. For more years of stupid useless spending should do the treasury a world of good, won’t it?  Can’t stop climate change folks. ..not ever.
The republican party still think they can control the nomination process.  His new team think they can control Trump.  This is shaping up to be a hell of a summer. I wonder who will be the last man standing?
Apparently some are so incensed with the way the political choices are sorting out they’ve gone and joined a far right movement, the American Independent Party, thinking it really was a typical middle of the road independent movement.  Stupid is.
Justin Bieber continues to be a shitty pants little boy. One of his friends needs to kick his ass, as a favor.
Nope.  Still nothing to see here.

Santiago Herrera Escobar, my hero.

Santiago, or Santi as we knew him, was my best friend in life. He was instrumental in my passing Scout Dog Handler School as well as in becoming a man. I was with him only for a while in Nam. He fell one month after I was sent home. I can never have him back until I go too. I take comfort in knowing that old soldiers don’t die, they just go to hell and regroup. See you then brother.  Keep guiding me please…

(the following is excerpted from my memoirs)


Santiago Herrera Escobar, SP4, US ARMY, SCOUT/PATROL Dog Handler and American Hero.

Fell on 19 May 1972 in the south of Bien Hoa Province, RVN in service to his country.

RIP brother

“We’ll walk through it together, Shorty. No sweat huh? This is what we were made for, man. I did it. You can do it. Let’s go before it gets any worse.”

It was almost too noisy from the downpour to even hear Santi, let alone see what I was doing, but we both whispered because we knew the cadre were spread out in the woods to catch noisy teams and fail them for this stage. That meant a do-over and the more times you had to do it over the harder they made the next run to pass. The next thing you knew it was dawn and you’d been at it for over 8 hours…and you still hadn’t caught the sapper.

“I guess.” I sulked, “Still, they could have picked a better night, you know? One with a moon or something? This shit is worse than dark. I can’t even see her ears man. How am I gonna call her alerts if I can’t even see her?”

At this point I was just bitching. You might think Georgia would be a nice place in the summer. That depends on how moist you like to keep your clothes when wearing them and your sheets when sleeping on them. I thought the humidity was bad in Boston. WHOA! My skin also attained this rich clay colored tint from the grime that was ground into your every exposed pore day in and day out. My partner’s drool always added to the sweet elixir of bodily fluids and nature’s detritus I collected while crawling through the underbrush.

This exercise was a critical stage in our training. Basically this was man-hunting. The scenario: Your Partner alerts on personnel…usually a scent alert. You then prosecute the alert to the successful termination or capture of the threat. For the initial runs through this type of exercise the cadre set the trails up intentionally working with Mother Nature. Good weather, stiff breeze blowing more or less in the team face, fairly simple terrain to cover. Once you got through that, they got serious. Truth is, in real life scenarios, the enemy isn’t stupid and isn’t going to put himself in a position that would make it easy for us to find him.

We are now well past the easy training. And I am on my third pass. Lady and I have died both previous times. Santi and his Partner Rebel, made it through in one.

“Hahaha. Shorty, you’re a trip man. What, you want to paint orange stripes on Lady’s ears? Come on, man. Tighten up on the leash a bit. When she finds something you’ll feel it, right? No slack…feel her doing her job and then do yours. Come on now. I’m cold, I’m wet and I need to crap in the worst way. Let’s get this shit over with. Roget that?”

“Roger that!”

Santi is playing Shotgun/RTO (Radio Telephone Operator) for me. When I give him the go he signals, “Team two to tower, we are Oscar Mike, over”.

“Team two, Tower, copy. Acknowledge you are on your third, I repeat, third run, over.”


“Shut up, Shorty”

“Team two, Tower. Roger that. Third time’s a charm. Out.”

Then Santi repeated “Fuckers. Let’s show these dick’s what you’re made of man. Come on.”

I made it through on the next pass using Santi’s simple suggestion to maintain a better “connection” with my partner no matter the environment. A lesson learned that served me well over the next several months because all I did was work at night. This wasn’t the only time Santi’s guidance brought me through.

We finished Scout Dog Handler School together in December 1971. We all made our way to Vietnam separately or perhaps in very small groups. Donnie Lassiter and I made the trip together from Fort Dix, NJ. Others came from the west coast at different times and dates.

About half of our graduating class made it to Bien Hoa and the other half went north to Da Nang. Santi was in the latter group but we’d heard they were all doing well through the grapevine.  Santi was slowly making his way south towards us at Bien Hoa and in fact just a few weeks before I left Vietnam, Santi and the rest of our graduating Scout Dog School class, made their way to our unit, the 34th Patrol Dog Platoon, 3rd Bde, 1st Cav.

On April 19th during a rocket attack on Bien Hoa (no rockets landed near me), I got tangled up with Prince when we were trying to get to cover and ended up with my third concussion in two weeks and a second AC separation of my left shoulder in the same time frame. Though I didn’t find out about it for a few days when I woke on a medivac jet headed to Guam, the Army decided I’d had enough, at least for a while, and sent me back to the world.

I wish they’d sent me to rehab and that I’d made it made it back to see my brothers again because I’ve never seen any of them since, as happens a lot with solders. Can there ever be anything more unfair than what happens to soldiers when their “trade” is no longer needed? You spend the prime of your life living, bleeding and slowly dying in spirit with men you never met before but would readily give your life for in an instant without hesitation. Then you are ripped apart suddenly and you never see them again.

I had great aspirations of meeting them all again one day. I especially looked forward to meeting Santi and Don, Jeff and Joe my hootch-mates, and oh hell all of them…Ron, Jimbo, Jack, Charles, Duel, James and Henry too. But just a few months after I got home I got a MARS call from Jimbo telling me that Santi had passed away in-country. The call got cut off and I couldn’t get it back.

Santi got pneumonia on duty and he got so sick that he died from complications. I can’t help but think those complications were heavily seeped in Agent Orange poisoning. More than one of our guys came back from that duty with sores all over their bodies and breathing difficulties because of inhaling that poison for a whole shift several times a month.  Even our K9 partners suffered with blisters on their feet until we refused to brings our dogs with us. The storage complex for that defoliant was, unfortunately, one of our Patrol posts. Don and I lucked out and got the AMMO Dump instead of the defoliant yard. Santiago Herrera Escobar, my brother aspirated in Vietnam on 19 MAY 1972.

After that call from Jimbo everything seemed to deflate for me. I didn’t make an effort to “meet them” again until the VDHA (Vietnam Dog Handlers Association) put me in touch with Donnie last year.

God rest your soul my brother. I’ll see you on the other side. Give Prince a hug and tell him I’ll meet him over the bridge. I will always love you and remember you brother.