How are we?

I can’t afford my health insurance payments. I’ll lose that as soon as my company let’s me go. If I was working I’d be paying more taxes now and getting less for my money while hearing about how how the perpetually unemployed father of 6 down the street has the best health care one can imagine and doesn’t pay a dime for it.  His kids all have iPads and iPhones, diamond studs, perfect teeth and they drive a sweet looking 300.  I have less life, liberty and happiness now when I need it most so that someone else can have what I can’t. “Free” health care, food, cash, utilities, rent for those who don’t work and in some cases (not a few) for those who aren’t even legal citizens… but NOT for me.

The one little bity thing I had going for me, social security, has been so badly and illegally skimmed by the federal  government that the funds will likely run out well before I die. To live, our choice will be to join in the feedfest and steal some other poor sucker’s lunch, work until I drop or die.

Our people are struggling to find a leader. On one hand we have a near fanatically evangelical conservative. On the other hand we have a criminal and a socialist. In the confused and sometimes violent center we have a bombastic SOB who likes to stir the pot of  nationalistic oneupmanship to the point of a well lathered clash of cultures… entrenched elitists verses the sick and tired voter base.

ISIS is not dead and is sending it’s troops around the western world wreaking havoc while world leaders scratch their heads about what to do as they sweep another bloody pile of bodies under the PC carpet.

Obama flexes his pen and narrative like a cosmetic surgeon covering heinous scars of neglect and failed policy in fantasized feats of greatness shouting, “look at me. In spite of George Bush and the evil republicans, I’ve brought the entire world back from the brink of destruction with my mighty pen.” The same pen that has so far cost our grandchildren $9 more trillion in debt.  Apparently not enough democrats in America seem to mind screwing their descendants like this because they now want to enthrone either of two sublimely worse characters into the same office. Does anyone even care about the nearly 100 million workers left in the cold with no jobs, no prospects and no hope?

Were still losing 22 Vets a day to suicide, but hey, let’s open the borders to lightly vetted refugees from the land of “we hate westerners and want them all subjugated or dead. Hell yeah, look at us ignoring the headlines from Paris and Brussels.

People whose ancestors have been savagely treated in the past due to abject ignorance and racism at the hands of one race are now reverting to the same mindset themselves. More racism isn’t going to fix it for anyone but the people who benefit from it.  POLITICIANS who feed off that hatred and the minions who serve them. They come in all colors and they don’t give a damn about you or me.

Republicans who can’t find the cajones to say no, even when their base is screaming at them loudly from every direction to do just that, are now cutting their own throats because NONE of their RINO candidates appeal to conservatives anywhere.  When all they should be thinking about is winning and keeping the likes of Killary/Bernie out of the WH, they instead resolve to thwart the only chance they have.

How do I feel about “how we are”? Scared spitless, angry as I’ve ever been and ready to fight for whatever the bastards try to take next.

This ain’t my America, but if I have anything to say about it, it will be again. I’m done with this pink shaded safe zone fluff.  I’m declaring the space around my home free to Americans with backbones and the willingness to earn their way, EVEN IF THAT MEANS HARD WORK. I am simultaneously declaring the same space to be “A NON SAFE ZONE FOR ANY DIPSHIT SISSY HOPING TO FIND ONE HERE”.

I am voting for Trump in spite of the avid hatred and rejection Americans on the left and right are directing at him and because I reject the vicious propaganda being spread about him. These Republican clowns sat back and watched the left crucify Mitt Romney and John McCain. Now they have sided with the left as far as I’m concerned, so I reject them.

Vote Donald Trump, because he isn’t one of them. ‘Nuf said.

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