One man has them running for the gates.

From talk show hosts to sitcom actors, there has been a spattering of threats to run away if the Donald wins.  One even said she’d leave if a Republican was “nominated”. I’m guessing she’s packed and ready to go since even in Barrack’s Merica we still nominate one from each party. Three cheers there for public education and kudos to Hollywood’s penchant for hiring the “well versed” to entertain us, ahem.
Not that I would give two grapefruits to keep these folks from running away but even some fairly educated columnists are joining the fray. Judging from the vitriol being directed at Donald Trump, I imagine we are just days away from hearing that the entire liberal media and political movement will set up a safe/gender undefined/republophobic/government/news center in exile, probably on Nancy Pelosi’s island. That’s disturbing. To think I’d have to swallow some newbie lib’s column of neverending “safe space” drivel with my morning coffee instead of George Will’s, now that’s just terrible.
What’s really astounding about this?  They’re all in a dither over one man. Donald Trump has them wetting their pants. They see landslide when they look at him. They remember how all the rotten applecarts full of hatred they spewed at Ronald Reagan did absolutely nothing to deter the masses from voting in an outsider. They remember how ineffectual and unimportant they were to the grand scheme of things. They are failing again to defeat their boogieman and they are afraid.
This is like a party for me. I am having a ball watching libs and their stoooges in establishment of the GOP explode across the countryside.  This is better than the lead up to “Game of Thrones”, for a while at least.
The best part of all? Since all the Democrat-left can come up with is a choice between a felon and an avowed socialist, Trump’s going to win and they can’t do a darn thing about it.
Let the exudus begin and oh yeah, don’t let the door…well,  you know.  Buh-bye, now.

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