To approve SCOTUS nominee now would be suicide.

Many in government, the media and we sitting around the dinner table have recently lamented and reported on it. It is an ongoing theme in today’s socio-political environment . “It”, is an evaporated body of centrists. “It” is also any form of loyal opposition.  “It” was the middle ground and it was business as usual.
We are as polarized a society as that of Pre civil war America. Compromise is   anathema to both sides as it only means that you caved in to the other side’s will. Neither side feels that their elected officials are doing what we elected them to do. They tell us one thing, are elected and then do something else altogether. We the people are angry.
The situation we face now with SCOTUS is one of the utmost import. This could fundamentally change the landscape of US politics and law for many years to come.
Our country, administered by what is arguably the most leftist administration in US history, could easily slide the rest of the way down into socialism with the stroke of one man’s pen.  One man who’s term is nearly over, perhaps the lamest of lame ducks in US history.
His side of the aisle will argue for immediate consideration and approval of their nominee against their own arguments of just a few years before as if that never happened. They will argue that POTUS was elected and then re-elected as recently as 2012 and thus has the mandate of the people.
To this argument we on the right must respond, stating that there was another election in 2014 that removed his mandate in a huge way giving control of both houses to the opposition.  There was and still is very good reason for that.  A lot of us do not like or want that “hope and change” thing as its turning out. You see, we ended up paying for it, so, we decided in 2014 to stop it.
It’s also apparent to us now that the will of the people only counts with this administration as long as it is in lockstep with the ideals of this administration.  If it is not, then this administration simply bypasses that inconvenience in the end with a pencil whipping of the Constitution via executive order.
Obviously, for one who thinks as i do, there is no compromise left. We may never, ever agree to any nominee or anything else this administration proposes and absolutely feel justified in doing so.  This administration does not serve my needs or wants at all. This idiot’s utopia being created here now  is not my America.

The yearly disclaimer…

Once again I post this disclaimer in an effort to prepare those who read my stuff anywhere.
I am an unabashed conservative who believes in self worth more than any political ideology. Republicans most represent my ideals…right now, primarily because democrats are so lost to the left most of them can’t even see it. The Republicans themselves, however, have been grating on my nerves lately too.
I brook no nonsense. I will have my say. At times i will cuss doing it (note of worth to those of you with children who like to read over your shoulder.) Few subjects are out of bounds. This can get adult in a second and result in screaming raging beasts in short order depending on what he or she who-shall-not-be-named does on a particular day…and my meds.
I will always side with the military or a veteran. I support LEOS and all first responders.
I am mad about MWDs, their handlers and all the wonderful humans who chip in to care for them.
I detest socialism/communism/progressivism ad nsuseum,. Those of you who don’t/won’t/can’t see past that, there’s options for you. Unfriend, unfollow or discuss. I am this above all else, a Veteran who fought communism in uniform. I will NOT bow to any party/tyrant/king or whatever except “We the People”. I will NOT be nice if I am offended…probably. If you more identity with the left, I might well offend you with my rants. Know that I hate the ideology and just think of you as misled.
I am a husband, a father and a grandfather. I vote always. I support the constitutional rights of all Americans (and in fact extend that belief to encompass all of mankind…I DO indeed believe that all men were created equal regardless of color, creed, social or political status, or sexual persuasion).
I am for secure borders. I am against accepting middle east/Syrian refugess until and unless we know who they are.
If it were up to me, I would demand all US citizens and wannabes submit to US constitutional law over all else sworn and signed. MOST ESPECIALLY SHARIA LAW or anything like it.
I would demand all citizens serve at least 2 years of government service. Good way to cut some of the federal fat and replace it with a new batch of temps every two years.
I am for everyone earning their way. Go to Europe for freebies as long as they last. Those in need have always between taken care of here. Get off your ass. Get a job.
I am for ENGLISH FIRST, PERIOD. Do not press “1”.
I am a NE England native and therefore a NE sports fan for life. Get ovah it.
I am outspoken politically and socially. Much to some folks dislike. I have a fairly short list of on-line friends (for someone my age) because of all the previous. This list includes lots of family. This is good as it preserves friendships and family relations. I have also unfollowed many for the same reasons… No harm no foul. I post everything public except family and friends posts.
I know that Social Security was and still is bought and paid for along with Medicare by hard working Americans. If you didn’t pay in, get the fuck out, period.
I am not opposed to disagreement but I am convinced that we on the right have caved in far too much. These days I believe we should stand firm in our disagreements and cave in no more.
Please study first. “Trust but verify”, a very smart man said that…