Come on over

Alright. I get it now. You’re really pissed off that so many of us think your a jerk. So now you’re just being childish and spiteful.
No, Mr president. What you’ve done is actually dangerous. You continue to make us targets and more vulnerable with your kingly decrees.
Easing VISA restrictions on Middle East travelers from Europe at this time is simply INSANE.  Or is it a blatant  statement that you really don’t care about us, never have and wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of us dead on the street?
Which is it Mr president? I honestly can’t tell anymore if the theories about you and where your real loyalties lie aren’t true. Everyday it seems you do something else to convince me that we are NOT you’re number one concern.
Do tell us sir, how does this decree help us? Try to do so in less than five lies.
This is pathetic America. How long?

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