From Iran we run but let a few nuns get in our way and look out world. ..

So while we were celebrating the advent of the new year, fearless leader was busy caving in to the Iranians again. If you recall,  in violation of the Security Council’s resolutions,  they test fired a nuke capable ballistic missile in October.  The prez does nothing.  In November they did it again. The prez made some noise at the UN, then nothing.  On Dec 30 due to pressure from without, the prez announces more sanctions, but by the end of day canceled them. Iranian president orders the program expedited.

It must have been too much for the poor lad, Obama. He rebounded nicely though taking up arms against catholic nuns.  Yep,  fearless leader is taking the little sisters of the poor to court in order to force them to provide abortion.  As you should know, no catholic can do this, certainly not a nun.  So instead of providing the huge charity they’ve been providing the poor for all these years,  they will have to close their doors.

Three cheers Mr president.  You have such HUGE balls, I could just shrivel up in fear.

Crafty little shit isn’t he?  Did any of you know this? Of course not.

Have you had enough of this pussy (or traitor,  your choice) yet?

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