Planned Greed Wins Again

Jay  Sekulow calls it “abortion distortion”. That phenomenon where by one can investigate anything at all except Planned Parenthood.

The case against Planned Parenthood having to do with the selling of fetal body parts being heard in Texas, has been turned on its head. Instead of PP the DA’s office has indicted the investigative journalists who filmed PP officials discussing the sale of said body parts.

The problem here, not simply the turning of what is provable criminal activity into the exact opposite, but also the fact that a member of the local PP’s board of directors is employed at that very same DA’s office.

Collusion? Justice?  Are we Americans still?  What sickness explains this complete disregard for human life?  How much greed is okay? If we call sell and buy the unborn’s parts, how long before we start selling unwanted children’s parts…oh wait. We are, aren’t we? Its the same thing isn’t it? Yes, it is.

This has nothing to do with abortion. But because it attacks criminals at Planned Parenthood, the 1st ammendment no longer counts.

It’s quite like trying to make Hillary Rotten and Obama pay for Behghazi.

Who does Justice serve today? Who benefits from this? Do you believe money corupts…right down deep in the core of our govetnment?

Do you think this sucks?

I do.

Come on over

Alright. I get it now. You’re really pissed off that so many of us think your a jerk. So now you’re just being childish and spiteful.
No, Mr president. What you’ve done is actually dangerous. You continue to make us targets and more vulnerable with your kingly decrees.
Easing VISA restrictions on Middle East travelers from Europe at this time is simply INSANE.  Or is it a blatant  statement that you really don’t care about us, never have and wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of us dead on the street?
Which is it Mr president? I honestly can’t tell anymore if the theories about you and where your real loyalties lie aren’t true. Everyday it seems you do something else to convince me that we are NOT you’re number one concern.
Do tell us sir, how does this decree help us? Try to do so in less than five lies.
This is pathetic America. How long?

US Champion keeps winning for the other side

Another of the terrorists we’ve had safely tucked away in Gitmo has been released.  This man clearly stated many times while in custody that when he gets out of Gitmo he will return to Iraq or wherever he can and kill as many Americans as he can.  Yet he was released just the same.

Fearless leader’s legacy must not suffer at the hands of a few American lives. WTF, over?

I care not what anyone thinks anymore.  The president of the United states of America is wilfully endangering Americans for the sake of his legacy.  He now officially. ..


Impeachment is too good.  TRAITOR OBAMA.


Continuing with yesterday’s theme,  the Little Sisters of the Poor were invited by Paul Ryan to the SOTU address this evening. To counter that democrats invited CAIR.

CAIR: Unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism, who’s head publicly supports Hamas.

CAIR: Who have introduced to OUR public schools Muslim prayer rituals,  to include the conversion prayer.

Democrats invited  CAIR to OUR  SOTU address.

My question to you voting Democrats is: we know where your leader’s loyalty lies, where do yours lie?  He/they invited a known terrorist supporting  organization to OUR SOTU.

Who’s side are YOU on?

From Iran we run but let a few nuns get in our way and look out world. ..

So while we were celebrating the advent of the new year, fearless leader was busy caving in to the Iranians again. If you recall,  in violation of the Security Council’s resolutions,  they test fired a nuke capable ballistic missile in October.  The prez does nothing.  In November they did it again. The prez made some noise at the UN, then nothing.  On Dec 30 due to pressure from without, the prez announces more sanctions, but by the end of day canceled them. Iranian president orders the program expedited.

It must have been too much for the poor lad, Obama. He rebounded nicely though taking up arms against catholic nuns.  Yep,  fearless leader is taking the little sisters of the poor to court in order to force them to provide abortion.  As you should know, no catholic can do this, certainly not a nun.  So instead of providing the huge charity they’ve been providing the poor for all these years,  they will have to close their doors.

Three cheers Mr president.  You have such HUGE balls, I could just shrivel up in fear.

Crafty little shit isn’t he?  Did any of you know this? Of course not.

Have you had enough of this pussy (or traitor,  your choice) yet?

More of nothing is still nothing Mr president.

First we are presented with a non-binding climate treaty. Now, executive level gun laws.

With his mightier-than-the-sword pen president Obama rewrites the federal rules for gun buying.  His imperial orders will make the nation so much safer.  Finaly the fed is caught up to California gun laws.  All hail the savior and king.

Oh wait. Isn’t San Bernardino in California? That’s right it is. Damn that nasty truth for showing itself when the emperor is completely naked…again.

Stuff your stupid ass gun laws you jackass.😜
Is everyone seeing this stupid man make a fool of himself.  Tears of shame is what he really she’d.

Molan labe, bitch.