Vote PUTIN…get it over with.

Just wondering as I read more of what I hate reading anytime and what I’ve had to read far too often in the last 7 years; does anyone else, even one more person care that our fearless negotiator has had his lunch handed to him by the Russian Mafioso…AGAIN?
Does anyone care that John f’n Kerry helped orchestrate this disaster…AGAIN?
Does anyone care that Russia has installed anti air defense systems in Syria? ISIS has NO aircraft or ballistic missiles so why would Syria need anti air defense systems? The only other folks flying aircraft in that area is the USA and her allies. Are you getting it yet?
The supreme ASSHOLE in the white house and his bitchdog Kerry, have just sold us down the river…AGAIN. Unwittingly or not, that’s what the amateur duck just did.
So, tell me. Who are you voting for this time? Let me help you…Just vote for PUTIN. If you are going to vote for another ASSHOLE, why not go the whole route and show your true colors.
Stupid ducks…half a nation of stupid ducks willingly voting for the worst possible option over and over again.
BTW: I didn’t really write “ducks”. That would have been an insult to ducks. Thank you spell check, I guess.
This sickens me!!!!
Piss off Obama. Piss off twice democrats.

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