Veteran’s honor

I haven’t been able to write in a while…Thanks for the inspiration…i truly needed that.

Honor can hurt.
It can tear out your heart.
Your honor can cause you to stand quite apart.
It might make others think you a fool,
That you’ve sold your life to be somebody’s tool.
Years you can spend hiding away,
waiting for someone to say, “it’s okay”.
Love you will lose to an unearned stigma.
Life will suffer, it’s course an enigma .
An age will pass before you see light.
Great living evil will seethe through the night
and all of that weight will fill you will fright because your honor drives you to fight,
In a forever effort to remove this blight,
to suffer not in this demon’s delight.
When you arise from this long hibernation
Your heart will be filled with a strong inclination
Your soul will be driven to a new invocation
Proclaiming the need for a truth proclamation.
The lies that betrayed you like footprints in sand,
will then wash away with time’s tidal hand
The truth of history, as indelible as a brand,
No more to be labled the scourge of the land
As hard as an anvil your honor will stand.
Vietnam veteran, proud, honored and grand.

By Mike H & Prince(16×5), 34th patrol dog platoon, 3rd Bde, 1st Cav, bien hoa RVN, ’72.