Compromise? As if that were still possible…

There’s been much ado lately about the lack of compromise in today’s political landscape and of course it’s the Grand Old Party taking the blame. Who’s doing the blaming besides the democrats? Not today’s new republicans. The ones doing most of the finger pointing are not so much old school as RINOs. They are the folks who’ve have made a career of plying the political trade winds, compromising their way into year after year of supposed public service at the taxpayers expense regardless of the fact that lately the stand they end up taking does not represent the will of their constituents. The target of their complaints…the 50 or so newbie Republicans who just say “no”.

“What happened to the art of compromise”, they implore and I answer with, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” as the best possible reason not to compromise with today’s leftocrats. “Why can’t it be like the good old days”, they lament. And I answer, since the federal government has seen fit to interfere in the banking, mortgage, insurance, automotive and health care industries while tripling our national debt, turning on our allies and bargaining with terrorists, all far beyond anything the founders intended and with overwhelming evidence of RINO complicity in this all out assault from the left, l suggest that all reason for compromise has been purged from today’s political battlegrounds.

IMO, we need people like the Trump to keep pressing the RINOs until they start acting like conservative republicans again or get kicked to the curb. We need these young lions to push the party in the same direction. We need to stop compromising with the left and start saying “no more” until they take their hands out of ours pockets so they can give our meager income to someone more likely to vote for them.

No, the time for compromise is over. The time for repeal is approaching.

Karma is a wonderful thing. Revolt with your vote America. You’re sick of it. I’m sick of it. It’s time to pay the RINOs back and shut the left down.