Man waves ISIS-flag on college campus and nobody cares. Then he pulls out another flag and…

Man waves ISIS-flag on college campus and nobody cares. Then he pulls out another flag and….

…and folks wonder why we call the place “Berzerkley”.  Fekking idiots galore…and all in one place.  This is why I will never support the present education system in America.  Not just our president but even our teachers are full of shit. I saw this in college in the 70’s and apparently things haven’t changed much.  The cowardly left still propagate their garbage via the mush-brains of their students.  How could our children possibly believe this shit unless our teachers are cramming it down their throats daily.  Sadly, it isn’t just higher education anymore.  Common core is just a spearhead.  Wait until they really get it rolling.  You likely wont recognize America when they are done. If we allow them the final round win that is.

We’ve won one round with the midterm elections but that doesn’t mean we’ve won the war.  We are still losing.  Until we shut down and prevent any further attack on the base American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (in case you’ve forgotten), we will continue to struggle against the forces that strive to turn us to the left.

Call it evil if you will but it is socialism at it’s core and we are still at war with it.  It’s as if we are still trying to identify ourselves.  I believe there is still a huge majority of “right” thinking Americans out there who have succumbed to apathy.  They see very little to support let alone be happy about with the state of the union and instead of getting out the vote they stay home and isolate while the few of us righties still active politically and civically strive to win back our nation.  Sadly, we only win as long as the opposition also suffers from voter’s remorse and apathy and themselves stay home on election day.

Can’t we find a way to bring out the vote?  I mean bring out the full 300 or so million eligible voters here in America and declare once and for all a true voter mandate?  Why can’t “We the people” still rule here?  Why can’t we prevent the likes of the leadership we suffer with today from ever getting a grip on the wheel of our countries political ship?  I strongly believe in an overwhelming victory for the right in such an historic event as a near total voter turnout.  However, I dare say I would (not gladly) suffer through an opposition win just to see a voter turnout over 200 million in 2016.  I doubt we ever will again though.  Too many are more concerned with their iPhones and wardrobe to give a damn.

Prove me wrong.  Go ahead.  I dare ya.

A win for the good guys? Not if they don’t perform.

I think we should be happy about the election results. However, we had a fairly paltry voter turnout.  This election was about republicans who still cared enough to come out and vote more so than did democrats.  I don’t personally think that this result truly represents what our nation’s people want as a whole. It may say a  lot about the end result of low voter satisfaction being voter apathy.  Regardless, If it’s ever going to make a difference, these newly elected and re-elected officials have to make it work now, not 2 years from now.  The only ones who can make that happen are us.  Are there enough of us left? We revolted with our votes.  Can we keep the pressure on and make them perform as intended by our founders?

There are issues we as a nation must deal with now.  This is my political/social/civil bucket list.

Health care:  As the cost of the ACA slowly comes to light, surely we can agree there has to be better way than what we have without going backwards to what left so many without care before.  There are solutions and they don’t have to break the middle class’s back doing it either.  What we don’t need is the FED getting involved.  This was and should continue to be a state led issue.  Massachusetts and California have done it effectively.  So can the rest of the states.  This is NOT what the federal government was designed for. And for criminy sakes the health care issues the federal government OUGHT to be concerned with…

Veteran’s care:  If I need to say anything about this topic to anyone, you haven’t been listening. There is NOT ENOUGH WE CAN DO FOR THESE PEOPLE.  Never enough.  Get ‘er done!  Period.  Now!  This instant!  Damn it!

Immigration:  Can we realistically expect to gather some 11 million (or more) illegals and deport them?  I think not. Why waste so much money.  Without disrespect to those who came legally, most of the these 11 million have been here a while and are already contributing to the economy of their local community if not the nation or state.  The vast majority are no more criminal than the average Joe American. I see no reason there cannot be a fair path for them to gain citizenship to include a small fine for crossing illegally. Instead of spending money chasing these folks down use that money to

Secure the Borders:  How many soldiers, men and women, are being released to civilian life now that our military efforts across the globe are winding down?  They will be looking for work. How many recent veterans are looking for work and not finding any? Why can’t we man a force to watch the borders?  How can we buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for DHS, but not use that force to protect and screen our borders?  Why not enhance that force with all these returning Vets offering them decent pay and credits for their work towards a Law degree or law enforcement employment? And a path for them to get that education while working their way through school.  With on-line technology as it is these folks could take an exam thousands of miles from where the test is being given.

It’s the Economy Stupid: What this country doesn’t need is Big Government getting in its way.  It was always the intent that the Federal government be a small, elected and limited body entrusted with the task of protecting our borders and our interests both at home and abroad. If we allow a free market economy room, it will thrive.  While some regulation is necessary to prevent such things as fraud, abuse, intellectual property theft, etc. and some tax is surely appropriate to help defray the cost of the infrastructure that supports all businesses, over regulation and over taxation will surely put the skids to any strong economy.  To a weak one, such interference is anathema…a death knell. Again this is better served from the state level. The Feds get their piece but then they go home and watch the borders.

Education: What the heck is “common core” and who is it intended to serve? This cannot possibly be the path to teaching our children how to compete with the rest of the world is it?  Please tell me no.  Get back to basics.  Let the stars shine as we always have and lets not stop to worry about someone’s feelings about someone else’s success.  it’s a lesson of life we all need to learn. The superstars in our society raise the rest of us up with their efforts.  Stifle them and we all fail.

Thank you for voting those of you who did.  Please don’t stop now.  Get your friends, neighbors and relatives out to vote next time around.  Pester you representatives continuously.  Cause them to do their jobs. Continue to be an American.