38,300 photos collected for Vietnam fallen. 20,000 needed to put a face to every name on The Wall

If you have a hero who’s face you can provide…please do.

Your Stories. Your Wall.

Things left at Wall - NPS (1)For years, volunteers across the country have worked with VVMF on the “Faces Never Forgotten” call for photos campaign. The effort aims to find a face for each of the 58,300 names inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. As of today, VVMF has located photos for 38,300 of the names on the Vietnam Memorial. This means VVMF has only 20,000 photos remaining to put a face to every name on The Wall!

VVMF is delighted to congratulate the people of New Mexico, Wyoming, and North Dakota for finding the 398, 120, and 198 photos respectively of those who died or went missing in action in Vietnam from those states.

canales Dedicated volunteers like Aturo Canales, Team Leader of the New Mexico Call for Photos effort, scanned old newspapers and yearbooks, called families, and knocked on doors to find photographs.

New Mexico was the first to complete the momentous task. The effort was led by…

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