Obama says US underestimated rise of ISIS, admits contradictory Syria policy | Fox News

Obama says US underestimated rise of ISIS, admits contradictory Syria policy | Fox News.

The gall this man has absolutely infuriates me.  It’s a damn good thing I don’t have direct access because I would have more than one choice word for that tool.

In spite of the fact that we all KNOW he cut and ran from Iraq against the advice of his experts (military ones), and regardless of the fact that George Bush and Mitt Romney both declared , correctly, that the very  worst thing he could do would be to leave Iraq early just so he could cement some lame legacy of peacemaker to his totally failed term in office, he did cut and run anyway.

Now that his choice has blown up in his face, he once again shows his true colors and blames someone else for his incompetence.  WHAT A TOOL!

So lets add another to the long list of blatant lies this a-hole has spent on us and let’s remember that he is part of the problem not the entire one.  The useless idiots of America are the real problem here.  I wish there was a way to deny the vote to the thoughtless drones who voted for this POS twice, but there isn’t.  So what that means is that the rest of us, all of the rest of us, MUST show up in November and again in 2016 and completely obliterate these cowards from our political system.  All of them.  We can do it.  I know there are more righteous Americans than have been showing up lately.  Apathy is no excuse for letting our country continue to slide down the toilet bowl of history into 3rd world status which is exactly where these people are taking us.



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