Hillary: Gazas Small Size Justification for Hamas Housing Rockets in Schools

Hillary: Gazas Small Size Justification for Hamas Housing Rockets in Schools.

WTF, over? Are you kidding me lady? Well, keep it up. you’re hanging yourself thank you very much.

What is it about ALLY that you don’t understand Mrs Secretary of State? How can you support HAMAS? Let’s have some rockets planted in your neighborhood by Hamas. What do you say Hillary? Does that work for you?

What an f’ing dishrag!

Are we really giving Israel grief?

Israel are Allies

Reading the editorial page in today’s local paper this morning I came across a couple of articles of note in the Reader’s Forum section, where folks can publish their opinion in 175 words, and the syndicated opinion piece that covers the bottom of the bottom fold. Topics and writers ranged from a Hamas sympathizer berating Israel for protecting herself to an Israel supporter who called it correctly to Charles Krauthammer who dissolved any pretense that Hamas is the new golden boy around town.

Irked enough to need another cup of coffee I wrote this to the same reader’s forum:

Israel is our ally.

In response to Mr. Glick from Berkeley, “that was the most utterly ridiculous nonsense I’ve read in at least a week”. Fortunately the loony left spews bilge like that daily so we Normies are use to the gag reflex by now.

To Mr. Levine from Moraga, “Right on”. Israel absolutely is “on the front lines of the global jihad”. The very souls who are castigating Israel now would be the very first to flee the umbrella of Hamas rockets and demand military action were it happening in their back yard.

We ‘re not really surprised by this turn against Israel. There is a “change” occurring here in the USA if you hadn’t noticed. This new Merica feels different and is making new friends.

Charles Krauthammer wrote (Rarely has conflict offered such certain moral clarity) the best piece so far about the current turn of events in Israel, which as it turns out is nothing new. Same old Palestinian scams, backstabbing, murder, terror, lies etc. as always. Hamas is staging this entire episode and Merica eats it up all the while scourging the one true ally we have in the region.

How stupid are we?


Oh, I’m just getting fired up now…