What ever happened to my TEA Party?

The TEA Party came into existence (both the earlier and later versions) over taxes and representation. While taxation may have something to do in the long run with abortion and marriage, neither abortion nor marriage had anything to do with the original TEA Party. The original TEA Party stood for small federal government, more States rights, less taxation, more self-determination, less entitlement and strong borders. At its most fanatic, it was against the ACA, because it’s another tax and we have no choice. At some point the Christian far right hijacked TEA Party and introduced anti-gay-marriage and anti-abortion ideals. Even the skinheads and other hate groups eventually made appearances. Fanatics on either side are an issue. These new people and ideals are NOT what the TEA party I joined and avidly protested with was about.

IMO: There should never have been a need to redefine marriage. There is nothing that justifies denying one human the benefits another human gets for being able to check the word “married” on a form. “Civil Union” should have been just as good. If it’s a religious thing, well, my God doesn’t discriminate, what could make it right for me to do so? As to abortion, the federal government should never be responsible for regulating abortion in the first place, along with disaster relief, the mortgage industry, the auto industry etc.. Other than the original ideals the only other issue with which my opinion and that of the new TEA Party align is on Illegal Immigration and the borders. Borders first, then lets talk a path to “legal” citizenry for those who are here illegally now.

The rest is fodder for the liberal left to throw back at us.

The Day is coming. Revolt with your vote.

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