Putin must be laughing at our response to the crisis in Ukraine

Across the world people react as if this had never occurred to them.  That they had never heard the warnings.  Of course we had important things going on all the while, Sochi, Spring Training, the Oscars. Is it any wonder we have time to even look for Ukraine on a map?

Putin’s military was on the ground taking control before the west got off their collective arses.

Now our fearless leader will attempt to talk Vlad into submission.  Why not, I suppose?  He’s got half of the USA believing he knows what he’s doing without ever having to actually do something…other than talk about it.

Were I in Mr. Putin’s shoes, I’d certainly be quaking right now.

We are adrift, America. Our rudder floats free and our society flounders with it. We need leadership.

Ukraine’s Mess: Made in the EU

coming from the Gatestone Institute (Ambassador Bolton led think tank), I find this very telling. Thanks for sharing.

Ukraine’s Mess: Made in the EU, Gatestone Institute , Peter Martino,  March 3, 2014

The situation might have been different if in April 2008 the West had extended NATO membership to Ukraine and Georgia. Russia would never have dared to deploy troops on NATO territory.

Give that Europe opposed the admission of Ukraine to NATO, it should not then have tempted the Ukrainians with EU membership, exacerbating the divisions between the Ukrainians and their ethnic Russian minority.

It seems to be a tragic but hard lesson of history that Jews are often forced to play the role of canary in the mineshaft. Today, we are witnessing that phenomenon in Ukraine.

As the situation in Ukraine, where nationalists last week deposed pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych, is worsening, Jews are receiving blows from both sides. They are distrusted by the Ukrainian nationalists as well as the pro-Russian separatists.

With Ukraine descending…

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