Mandela: As Overrated as U2

Mandela…Obama’s violently criminal mentor.

sitting on the edge of the sandbox, biting my tongue

President Obama is very much a Nelson Mandela — if white boy Billy Ayers is a Sakharov.  The two Americans share skin color with celebrated foreign symbols of resistance, and in our world race is given a primary consideration when selecting role models or, in Ayers’s case, objects of envy.

Mandela was a brave man, and the apartheid had to go, but he was also a communist terrorist, and South Africa of today is not exactly a bastion of freedom and prosperity. I find it telling that Amnesty International didn’t consider the South African a prisoner of consciousness and never took on his case.  After his release AI found it necessary to hob-nob with him, contributing to the whitewash of his record.  The end of apartheid was not so much a personal achievement of Mandela’s, who, apparently, was not much of a leader, but a course of…

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