EXCLUSIVE: Palin — Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target

EXCLUSIVE: Palin — Bombs Away on Obamacare; Cruz Is over the Target.

Then there’s this lady…

Some folks like to make fun of Sarah.  Folks who haven’t lived one minute in her shoes or done one tenth of the good she’s done…for others…somehow feel obligated to put Sarah down.

Me?  I’ll stand beside Sarah any day of the week and feel proud to be part of her faithful.

Omerica’s first war?

Life has at great consequence taught me that in today’s world blind trust will not often be worth the price we pay in giving it.  A great man once said, “trust but verify”.  I couldn’t agree more and it shouldn’t matter if you reside in Jamaica Plain, Compton, Wheeling or DC, too many times we have been flimflammed by our leaders. It is our responsibility to hold our leaders accountable for their actions.  The process of verification must occur in order to maintain the status quo.  “We the people” must rule in the end.

So, as I consider all the possible consequences of a US sponsored and enacted attack on Syria, I am faced with the simple reality that this would be folly.  There is no upside to this endeavor as things stand right now.  Whatever the motivation of the WH, there is clearly no way to justify an attack at this moment.  At least nothing is verified enough for me to trust such a decision.

As I see it, there are four basic questions that must be asked & answered.  Not only that, those answers must be verified before a properly informed decision can be made regarding weapon and/or troop deployment in Syria.

1)    Who deployed the WMD? There is allegedly evidence held by US Government and other agencies (though we haven’t seen it) indicating Assad is responsible. Assad denies this but that doesn’t for a minute prove anything.  More and more each day there is also evidence being proffered that indicates Al Qaeda staged the attack to look like it was government backed and win support for the rebel cause.  There is NO PROOF, either way.  Whom do we attack then?  There is no clear answer.
2)   What is the location of any WMDs remaining in the possession of the perpetrator? If Assad learned anything about WMDs from Sadaam (likely the source of said WMDs) it was how to conceal them.  There are numerous reports that he has them moving in a perpetual relocation routine. Our drones are good folks, but not good enough to be sure we don’t indiscriminately put ordinance on another aspirin factory and all it’s innocent workers.  If Al Qaeda has WMDs we’d better hope that was all of them. Regardless, we sure as heck don’t know where they might be, do we?  If the objective is to eliminate these WMDs; what do we attack?  There is no clear answer.
3)    Do we, the United States of America, have the global authority to intercede in another nation’s civil war? Now, don’t go trying to compare Iraq or Afghanistan with Syria.  It simply doesn’t work.  Sadaam was a threat to the entire Middle East, Europe and America.  Al Qaeda attacked us. They did so from Afghanistan.  George Bush is no part of this formula.  Let it go.  Syria is engulfed in an Al Qaeda supported if not led, civil war being conducted against the Dictator Assad.  They have not attacked us.  The answer is “NO”.
4)    Is there a reasonable chance that whatever actions we choose to take as a nation, not as a single elected official with delusions of grandeur, will bring about the results we want?  Since we don’t have clear answers to the first two questions, and the answer to the third is clearly “NO”, there is surely no answer to this last question that could possibly be considered “war positive”.  Not right now.

Based on the above, can there be any question that we have no compelling justification for the use of force against Syria at this time?  In fact the use of force at this juncture would better aid in the toppling of Assad and subsequently the very likely delivery of said WMDs into the rejoicing bloody hands of Al Qaeda.

True? I see no verification of a threat to the USA.  I see a Civil war.  I am reminded of our involvement in Egypt. That glorious adventure brought about the leadership of the bloodthirsty Muslim Brotherhood and placed advanced US weapons systems in their hands. This eventually fostered inhuman brutality directed against minorities on the streets of that once strong Ally.  They continue the struggle today.  We accomplished nothing more than the additional spilling of blood.  Where is the upside in this?  There is NONE.

So, if a middle class Joe like me can see all this clearly and know that we have no business interfering in Syria right now, just what the hell is being proffered in the way of leadership from DC lately?  There has to be more.

My gut tells me that there was a dire need to remove the firestorm of focus from other issues of the day that are ripping the present US regime’s agenda to shreds.  There had to be a redirection of the masses vision to something cruel and horrible committed by a “REAL” bad guy in order to nullify the effect of those pesky phony scandals that keep creeping up all the freaking time.  Damn pesky phony recurring scandals!

But, that’s just my opinion of course, and I’m a cranky old guy, who hates Omerica and is venting his spleen to those others who might also give a damn.

Verify one damn thing.  I’m not asking for 3.  Verify just one claim.  And don’t use John f’n Kerry to present it if you want it to evoke anything more than a channel change.  Or, barring that, “Let Allah sort it out”.  Thanks you Sarah Palin for your clarity.

Michael K. Hurder
An American, a Veteran, A hard working tax paying husband, father and grandfather.