It Appears That Eight SEALS Thought To Be Blown Up over Afghanistan fought on the ground until they were killed by the Taliban | Opinion – Conservative

It Appears That Eight SEALS Thought To Be Blown Up over Afghanistan fought on the ground until they were killed by the Taliban | Opinion – Conservative.


Can anyone, anyone at all, tell me how this asshole of a shitheel is still the president of the USA?  Why hasn’t this prick, Obama, been thrown to the dogs yet?  I say exile the mutherfucker in Syria.




I wonder at times if ever there will be an end to remembering.  If ever I will stop relating the past to the present and blowing my whistle at the wrongs I see repeating themselves.  We were supposed to learn from the past.  Instead we continue to ignore it.  Well, all except for me and a few others apparently.  

When I say this, i refer to my world.  The few who read my rants and raves know how I feel.  I have no reach beyond that to be true.  the little bit of reach I once did have has shrunk from family and friends deciding they didn’t want to see what I had to say for various reasons.  From  basic disagreement to being offended by my language, many have moved on to calmer more reasoned dialog.  So be it.  To me we’ve had about 50 or so years of “reasoned dialog” and the  only lasting result is more folks dependant on Uncle Sam for every part of their lives, not less., and Uncle Sam greedily sucking up the influence.

I see the American dream torn to shreds by a business culture and a government that feed on each other without a moment’s concern for the lives they’ve ruined.  Unwilling to pay their workers a living wage, the business leaders scrape every penny of profit to fatten their own retirement plans while cutting the benefits of their workers or the workforce itself.  If there is a high level politician out there who means what he/she says and makes it to DC or a state capitol without being swallowed up by the corruption, I’ve yet to meet him or her.

I wonder if we are already irrevocably destined to the chaos of socialism here in my USA.  Will Obama win?  His approval ratings are diving but have we already made him too powerful?  He appears to not care about the law or the constitution.  If he doesn’t get his way he looks for a route around the law.  He is purging the Military of its leadership right now.  Does anyone care to bet if he’s choosing whom to cut by their political, religious and/or social affiliations?

This is a scary place we live in. We are given a social media to communicate with each other, a place to exercise our first amendment rights.  Now that media is used against us.  We are told to accept Obamacare on the face of “their” sayso without reading it first.  Now this world saving program will end up costing 3 to 4 times more than it costs now. Provisions of it are so un-doable, they have to delay the start of certain KEY parts of the law.  You and me the taxpayer will have to fund this for the millions who wont have to pay for it.  They will have free smart phones and tattoos and food stamps though by golly, while we can eat shit and die, I guess.

I have stopped dissing the asshole-in-chief on Facebook now. Not enough care.  I will limit my rants to this blog. I don’t really need the stress.  It still sucks that my America is near gone. I didn’t fight for this shit.


Doesn’t change a damn thing as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t feel differently about things because they are offended by what I write or say. I don’t wish to restate what I’ve said or written.  I believe it all and most of what I write about pisses me off. I cuss when I’m pissed.  So I can write or say what I’m thinking/feeling and be myself (and you’ll know I’m being myself because of that), or I can pansy over everything in an effort to not offend someone (and you’ll know that I’m not being myself because of that).