Bullies and Gluttons

“Over the past weeks one can’t help but notice how gracious and mature the left has been since their man was re-elected.  One is reminded of high school bullies berating their more reserved classmates who voted for the losing “smart” guy to be class president instead of the “pretty” guy who promised free beer and doctored test scores to any who voted for him.  Pretty boy won and the bullies can’t get enough of belittling their opponents.  Their opponents however know they are right and will patiently wait for the rest to catch up provided there’s something left that will make catching up worth it.

Though saddened at the lack of vision shown by the electorate on Nov 6, I am not necessarily surprised.  We have become a nation of “what’s in it for me” children, grasping at any shiny new toy as if we deserved to have it by the very fact of our existence. Earning our own way is too hard now apparently so we must therefore resort to having big brother wipe our noses and provide us with smart phones, as long as we don’t have to pay for or somehow earn these “rights”.

We used to be self-sufficient so that by example we taught our kids to be the same and also so that the Government wasn’t running our lives.  It’s called freedom.  Instead, we now teach our children that its okay to put off their fiscal responsibilities and let the next generations pay for their greed. Sadly, we have become a nation of gluttons unwilling to earn our feeding frenzies but very willing to charge someone else the fee.  God forbid Johnny should have something Eddy doesn’t.  Poor Eddy’s self respect would be shattered and the media would make darn sure of it too.

Where have you gone America?”

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