UN fails to produce gun control treaty, but fight isn’t over | The Daily Caller

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty conference in New York

via UN fails to produce gun control treaty, but fight isn’t over | The Daily Caller.

Fortunately there are enough US Senators who do care what “we the people” have to say.  My own Senator, Dianne Feinstein, basically blew me off when I wrote her about this telling me that she was for the treaty and would support it.  She didn’t say “the majority of my constituents want me to support it”, she said SHE supported it.  So what Dianne, we don’t give a damn what you want.  I don’t pay you to support YOUR views.

This entrenched incumbent tyrant needs to fall this November.  I’m voting for Elizabeth Emken.

This is the kind of BS our media set out for the useless idiots to chew on and chew they do.


Clarice Feldman has a great pieceabout our “super genius” Wile E Coyote president , his continual exploding cigar moments and the desperate attempts by his toadies in the media to cover his a..

   Even to the point of fabricating scandal out of whole cloth . See for example Chick-fil-A . Read the whole story .

  ” While the story contains tons of material defending traditional Christian teachings on sexuality, the controversial entrepreneur never talks about gay rights or gay marriage. Why? Because he wasn’t
asked about those issues in the interview.

   As the talented ElizabethScalia observes:

   Read Mattingly’s whole piece, wherein he addresses the whole “well, they may not have said it but it’s what they meant, so what’s the big deal?” angle.

  The big deal is simply this: the press put aside context and decided to paint this company as some radically-religious-gay-hating-entity and…

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“We wont be fooled again” Maybe?


Be afraid , be very afraid


  ” “If you think you’ve seen America
radicalized and Alinskyized over the last four years, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” said Farah. “This is the only book this year that isn’t about Obama’s past performance, which we all know from first-hand experience. This is about what he will do if given the chance of a
second term – based on the words and plans of those policymakers closest to him.” “

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Is Algebra Necessary? – NYTimes.com

Is Algebra Necessary? – NYTimes.com.


That’s right.  Dumb it down some more.  We just can’t have our best and brightest showing their superiority now can we.

Thanks to the NY-lying-Times, our politically correct education czars, the ACLU, Affirmative Action, Obama’s new race based punishment system and the rest of the idiot-intelligentsia class, we better just get ready to bend over for India, China and whatever 3rd world countries decide to teach their kids the 3 R’s, cuz ours will be too stupid to compete.