3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney • The Obama Economy: Housing

  1. I suppose the thesis here is that we can look forward to some real leadership under a Conservative Administration. I remember the disaster caused by the last one. I think sometimes that America must suffer from some form of amnesia. Oh well, live and learn, I guess. If we get another Right Wing administration in control of the government, we will duplicate the same errors in governmental judgement that got us into this mess in the first place and in my view, the last state of the state will be worse than the first— to paraphrase a Scripture.


    1. I normally wouldn’t approve bullshit like this but you need to be exposed too, so here you go. You’re busted and stupid to boot. You support this socialist usurper at yours and my risk. I wont ever forget that Mr. Liming. NOT EVER!

      Obama sucks as do his supporters.


      1. I may be busted and stupid, but Democrats have been chosen for longer periods of times and more often by American Voters and there must be a reason…The reason is that Americans prefer Liberal government even if they do go off the deep end sometimes and elect Conservatives–until the buyers remorse sets in.


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