Sometimes I still have trouble sleeping.

Sometimes I still can’t sit anywhere in a crowded room unless my back is to the wall and I can see all the exits.

Sometimes I look through people to the field of fire behind them.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I have to be angry.

Sometimes the memories are so real, I sweat and feel cold at the same time.

Sometimes I think I’d better wake up before something terrible happens only to realize that I am not sleeping.

Sometimes I smell cordite…shit, piss & vomit too.

Sometimes my brothers visit me, and I know they are dead.

Sometimes I wish it was me.

Sometimes I want to cry but don’t want my kids to see, so I hide and get angry instead.

Sometimes I think my co-workers, friends, associates, neighbor’s, family and everyone else are assholes, then I realize it’s me.

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking.

Sometimes I just wish it would stop.


I am America.

I am Freedom

I am a veteran and I’d do it all over again in a fucking minute.


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