Gallup: Romney Takes Huge Lead Among Veterans over Obama

Gallup: Romney Takes Huge Lead Among Veterans over Obama.


At least the most American of Americans know which way the wind blows.  How appropriate this comes out on this particular day.  The best of the best are paying tribute to those who’ve fallen by backing the right man.  OORAH!

Go fish Mr. President.




Sometimes I still have trouble sleeping.

Sometimes I still can’t sit anywhere in a crowded room unless my back is to the wall and I can see all the exits.

Sometimes I look through people to the field of fire behind them.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I have to be angry.

Sometimes the memories are so real, I sweat and feel cold at the same time.

Sometimes I think I’d better wake up before something terrible happens only to realize that I am not sleeping.

Sometimes I smell cordite…shit, piss & vomit too.

Sometimes my brothers visit me, and I know they are dead.

Sometimes I wish it was me.

Sometimes I want to cry but don’t want my kids to see, so I hide and get angry instead.

Sometimes I think my co-workers, friends, associates, neighbor’s, family and everyone else are assholes, then I realize it’s me.

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking.

Sometimes I just wish it would stop.


I am America.

I am Freedom

I am a veteran and I’d do it all over again in a fucking minute.