Slower job gains stir doubts about recovery, Obama reelection bid –

Slower job gains stir doubts about recovery, Obama reelection bid –

But, but, but…we’re in a recovery aren’t we?

“”It’s clear to every American that there will still be ups and downs along the way and that we’ve got a lot more work to do,” he said.

Yet the latest report raises questions for the president as he nears a critical period in his campaign. Research suggests major economic reports for the three summer months will likely set the tone for voters’ views on the economy, said Henry Brady, a political science professor at UC Berkeley.

“That’s when you really want to have good jobs numbers, when you really want voters to get a sense that things are going well,” he said. “What he can’t afford, I think, is a series of reports that looks like the economy is languishing and allows Republicans to reignite the argument on the economy.””

And were we not told that more Americans are getting back to work over the last 2 months?

“The unemployment figure has declined by 1.8 percentage points in the last 21/2 years, but other key labor market data suggest that much of the drop is not because people are finding work, but rather that “people are dropping out of the labor force,” said Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington.”

Oh my! Have we been drinking our own koolaid Mr. President?

2 thoughts on “Slower job gains stir doubts about recovery, Obama reelection bid –

  1. While the above response to my original post seems to point to a continuing advantage for the president (if you actually believe in polls), there are other polls that state a somewhat less positive spin in regards to approval ratings for the president and the job he’s doing and the direction the country is headed in. All of which point to clear opportunities for Romney to elevate his position nationally, especially now that he is the de facto Republican nominee (in spite of Newt’s ridiculous stubbornness) and can direct his political war machine directly at Obama 100% of the time. God knows there is an abundance of flaws in the president’s record to take advantage of and the Romney machine has shown a predator’s knack for doing just that. I am willing to predict that over the next few months Mitt’s efforts will hugely erode Obama’s lead by attacking his record on every front. Of course polls can be manipulated, so we’ll just have to wait for “the rest of the story”.

    Can you tell that I still love Paul Harvey?

    Here are some recent #s from the Washington Post, a decidedly right handed rag:

    On handling the Deficit: Obama = 38% approval | Romney = 51%
    On handling the Economy: Obama = 43% | Romney = 47%
    On handling Jobs: Obama = 46% | Romney = 43%

    I don’t know what the “Jobs” #s can possibly mean with the President’s miserable record here???
    But there it is.


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