Obama Blames America for Shooting Tragedy

Obama Blames America for Shooting Tragedy.

Are you sure it wasn’t George Bush? Blah, blah, blah. That’s right Mr President, lets stir it up some more. Tragedy becomes travesty in one stupid statement. And this clown claims to be a constitutional lawyer? My dog’s behind is more constitutional than that! If Zimmerman was black, would he still be up there on the pulpit declaring him guilty before the evidence is in? So in the end, as it turns out, we at best elected a race-baiter if not an outright racist. Shame on you Mr, President.

Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day – 2012

Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day – 2012.

“Back Then”

How many of you knew of this day? I’m just wondering. Was March 24th just another day for you? Yes I am biased. I am Nam Vet. It just seems to me that we are more enamored of things that don’t really matter in the big scheme of things. We let truly meaningful events drift past us without notice…like this day. While I am grateful for the recognition, I would be more grateful if at least a majority of our country’s citizens acknowledged what our veterans and more especially what our present day warriors have done for us.

Last week I celebrated the 40th anniversary of my return to the world from Southeast Asia. Every year at this time I can’t help but recall what it was like, as a returning soldier, to land in the “Good Ole US of A” back then. Every year at this time I fear a return to the horrid attitude civilians had towards the soldier “back then”. With the souring of our nation’s mindset in regards to our continued involvement in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ever increasing negativity displayed on the news and printed media about same; I am reminded of what it was like “back then”. History repeats itself. Is it doing so again? Will our heroes become pariahs again?

I will fight to prevent this in any way I can. I will start with the reprinting of a letter I submitted to a Veterans Web Site about what our “homecoming” was like. My hope is that it will be a reminder to us all that these heroes deserve our devotion, always and only. Lest we forget…


The Homecoming

Hospital PJs, robe, funky blue slippers and all, I approached the door to the world. I had dreamt of this day for the past 14 nights while traversing half the world on medivac flights home. It was March of ’72 and we landed finally. I was pumped. Well, as pumped as I could be. Head was still wrapped, left arm in a sling and I still couldn’t feel it, but heck, I was home and I swear that was a blonde nurse walking up to the rolling stairway down which we would return to sanity. God did I ever love the USA.

Antagonizing wait finally over, the jet’s door cracks open. The sun streams in a welcome I couldn’t have imagined a couple of weeks before in my best fantasies. The engine is still spooling down so I can’t hear a lot, but I think I can hear a susurrus of voices in the background though, and my curiosity is peaked. We were told in no uncertain terms to not expect any kind of welcome home greetings from anyone. We were told, in fact, don’t give away your identity until you are more like them. Wait ’til your hair grows back and try not to say things like “how you gonna act?” or “back in the world” or “F(orget) it, it don’t mean nothin”. Above all, don’t wear your uniform.

I peeked outside to see what was up. Through squinted vision I saw them, arms waving, signs floating, fists pumping. I am in a sun-baked daze and continue on my resolute path to freedom…just down these stairs. I can’t make out the words but they are all chanting from the other side of a fence. They look really…mad? Crazy?

I’m crouched and looking for a weapon when the projectiles fly. In shock for a heartbeat that would have cost me my life 2 weeks before, I finally react and cover. The guys behind me on the stairs are carrying an amputee. They can’t duck. They try to cover him as best they can but one bag of dog crap got through. I still dream of jumping up just in time to save him from that humiliation…but I didn’t do that in reality. 6 of us went to civilian jail that day. The protesters went home or to the hospital.

Days later I finally arranged a ride home with another soldier’s family who lived in the next state. My family, who all lived in the area, was busy I guess. When I got home I was greeted with…”Well, you couldn’t do that right either. Could you?”.

Apart from the staunch support of my loving wife De, the only homecoming I can say I enjoyed came in 1989 when I finally worked up the courage to visit the Wall and a
teenaged stranger gave me hug, said “thank you” and welcomed me home.

MKHurder, 1st Cav, Bien Hoa, RVN ’72

Medvedev says Romney’s anti-Russia comment smacks of Hollywood | Political Headlines | Comcast

Medvedev says Romney’s anti-Russia comment smacks of Hollywood | Political Headlines | Comcast.

Yes Mr. Medvedev, we hear you. Vlad the Impaler has spoken through you instructing our politicians how to conduct themselves. You speak. They comply.

Oh! You meant our Republican politicians? I’m so sorry, but that only works on the other side of the aisle.

Thanks for playing though.

Very Bad Day for Obama Mandate in Supreme Court – Obamacare – Fox Nation

Very Bad Day for Obama Mandate in Supreme Court – Obamacare – Fox Nation.

So, if the Supremes knock this mess down, does it go away completely or simply get a nose job? My feeling is that it gets adjusted but is still the wave of the future. It does have some good points. In reality, health insurance costs have to be pared somehow. Perhaps this fiasco will lead to real fair pricing regulations at the state level where such things should occur, cross border competition for health insurance coverage, frivolous law suit regulations to control the malpractice fraud that has doctors and hospitals reeling.

Yeah, and politicians, lawyers and lobbyists will turn over a new leaf. Sigh!

Honoring Bravery And Self-sacrifice On National Medal Of Honor Day | Fox News

Honoring Bravery And Self-sacrifice On National Medal Of Honor Day | Fox News.

Did you even know about this day? Didn’t make the front page did it? At least the Commander in Chief got it right this time. Thank you Mr. President.


they serve with honor
they serve with devotion
in jungles and deserts
across the oceans
they didn’t hesitate
they didn’t protest
they gave of themselves
they are our best
sons and daughters
soldiers and wives
what breed is this
who spend their lives
for one such as me
so I can be free