What Ansel sees


I read more each day about his style.
The way he composed, framed and compiled
the sights that ran through his head.
Seeing it all with a lens instead
of just a simple man’s eye.

I find myself wishing that I might find
that open place in my own mind.
Where all of creation’s attempts to lead
with light and shadows my meters might read
are not wasted before I lie.

To capture and make an image so rare
that others must stop and stare,
telling whole stories in a single frame
the photo would echo my name…
You’d see as with his, though my eye.


I honestly do read from Ansel Adams’ photographic bibles, collections and how-to books, everyday now.  I have eight of his and three of Dorothea Lange’s, and that is NOT counting the myriad texts needed for school, and all the Nikon books I’ve bought.  I am obsessed.  There, I said it! ;~)

My Photographic Growth, an update: My efforts with the eclipse were less than gratifying.  I have some serious doctoring to do and since I’m really trying to be a purist, I am loath to “fix” my images artificially (read that, PHOTOSHOP).  However, since I went to great ends to complete this project, I will attempt to make the images viewable in a single collage from start to finish.  We’ll see.  If they suck no matter what I do to them, they will remain forever dormant on my usb-photo-drive.  This will take some time since I have tons of Photo homework to do, too.  Sigh!

I am not putting Photoshop or its users down, by the way.  I am one!  There are creative, artistic avenues of imagery that are only possible because of tools like Adobe’s suite of Photo/Video/Design related Apps.  Simply put, the possibilities are limitless.  From a simple couple of normal photos, one can create a most bizarre montage of artistic delights.


This image is from my summer class, “Individual Projects”.  The artist used three images to create what you see; the clouds (a photo of a studio background we use in school), him holding a film strip and a selfie for the eyes.  He got an “A”.

I am also learning to do this.  My desire is to use such tools to enhance my work, not repair it.  CHEATING!!!!!!  I feel the same way about dodging and burning in the darkroom in an effort to repair your poorly taken film images.  Again these tools have their place.  I won’t do it to fix though, I will learn to use them for artistic enhancements.

Ansel suggests we make the image properly in the camera.  I shall endeavor to do so…always.

For your information…

Dodging and Burning

MKHurder (ThePixelsInMyEye)




Thank you for your patience

Thank you for being kind

I’ve just been taking lessons

that might expand my mind


This site was where I came to fume

it served as a punching bag

it also helped me to exhume

those demons and their rag


It played so loud everyday

I couldn’t hear a thought

If I couldn’t purge it all away

I might the farm have bought!


So now I’m after something new

A thing to set you free

I wish to help you all pursue

I hope to make you see.


My site is transitioning to a photographer’s blog.  Please bear with while I seek the best theme for my new/old site.  I will still write.  Some to accompany my images, some to accompany my soul as it spills across the page…stay tuned.




Missing, gone fishing…with a flash.


It isn’t that I’ve gone away,

It’s not that I’m aloof.

It isn’t because I’ve naught to say,

Of that there’s plenty of proof.

Now, once I’ve made the final cut

Once the die is cast

There really is just one little but

That one is, “how far to cast”?

You could say, I’ve gone fishing or flashing maybe…oh wait. Hmmm!…of course, I mean fishing for sights, sounds, ideas and visions, and learning flash photography like the pros.  Learning is fascinating when there’s no goal at the end…except knowledge. ;~)  No career to feed, no boss to please, no real deadlines, no undo concerns about grades other than to, “get it”…and, AND, someone else is paying.  Wicked Pissah!

Photography-I’ve not been so absorbed in a subject since I found out computers weren’t magic.  Now I see that cameras aren’t either!

Flash Photography; now, that’s magic.


Photoshop is the Anti Christ!


With Photoshop it’s an awful bear

to set my photos straight,

So, I settle for a lousy stare

Instead of the perfect Portrait.

Why did they make it so hard to use?

I’m foundering without a prayer

I rather be pulling a loaded caboose

Than fumbling around in these layers.

What’s with this patching, healing and hues?

Am I just Adobe’s blind fool?

Pick a tip, soft or hard, in a hundred different blues?

What if I took this pointy tool…

Oh, never mind.  Photo onward.

The eyes of Photo 51

I was given the job of writing the Class introduction to our (my) first Gallery.  The theme is “Things we can’t do without.”  The three photos of the kids are my contribution.  There are of course much more to my list of favorite things, but my weak flash photo skills cost me good prints of the entire Family, so the grandkids won out and I had to scavenge pics from my digital camera.  I also was unable to incorporate the fireworks and the kids into one really cool frame…curses Photoshop, foiled again!  This was supposed to be on film anyway…ho-hum!  Next time…

What you see in the written word
Is the story the writer wants told.
What you see in a photograph
Is the artists story writ bold.

Both of these artists have given
What each of us wishes we could
Words and frames about the world unchained
They paint life as only they could.

All of us have some favorite things
Things that make us smile
These are the wings that lift us up
That send us that extra mile.

When all is failing and it seems life is through
When there is nothing that anyone can do
Look to your favorite rhyme in a book
Look to that photo of that special look.

Remember the faces and the places you’ve been
Remember that you can always pretend
That your there in that photo laughing and then
Know that those times can be yours again.

These are a “few of our favorite things”
We hope you find them pleasing
From the Summer ’17 Class of Photo 51
We wish you all a good evening.



Let’s put aside all of those things

That cause us to be so contrary

Let’s see what being “we” again brings

I doubt it could be so scary
There doesn’t always have to be

A reason, a cause, tried and true

There only needs to be you and me

To celebrate the red, white and blue.
Happy 4th of July,  America.